Why a w3all plugin?

Why a w3all plugin?
There are many plugins, that commonly are doing same redundant things into your site. Many themes and plugins require external libraries to work and to display special effects. This add a relevant cost for your site loading speed/time.
So what’s different here?
Code of WP w3all plugins can be implemented into any template with easy, do not load external libraries, do not add not necessary things into WordPress.
With a WP w3all plugin, you get a simple code, that do all what needed, and that you can use in several ways. Compact, fast, and secure.
If you look a for light, easy and effective thing that work, and that you can use/modify into any WP contest without particular skill, a WP w3all WordPress plugin maybe is ok for you.

When you disable or uninstall a wp w3all plugin, you can trust that all will follow to work without any problem into your site. This is it with any of your plugins?