WordPress Dropbox plugin

WPD w3all WordPress plugin for Dropbox, to display and manage shared Dropbox files into WordPress user’s pages.
Easy, light and effective, look why.
Dropbox username admin test example
Dropbox username ale test example

To test this online example, please just register and send a request by using the contact page, and your account will be upgraded to use Dropbox.

Administrator config page: admin screens

Choose between Full Dropbox App or Folder App.
Ajax images gallery for images on user’s page.
Display shared Dropbox files with easy into WordPress posts and pages.
Choose which WP groups can use the Dropbox in WordPress.
Limit files in sharing to retrieve and display in WordPress.
Data cache.
Template embed into any WordPress with an easy how to included.
Users can manage their files within WordPress, delete/create folders, link, unlink files and folders, upload and create/link files and folders.

Any other feature on request.

A test WP Dropbox page has been activated for users admin and ale.
If you like to test the user files manager, which is feature available for each user on his own WordPress Dropbox page, please register to this site, and send a request by using the contact page.