WPD install

WPD – WordPress plugin for Dropbox files

display and manage Dropbox shared files, for WordPress user’s pages

1) The URL of the online WP site where plugin will be installed need to be https
2) System: Php 5.4 or better and WP 4.0 or better
3) Skills: how to use an FTP program and how to use a text editor

Installation time: 10 min


Please read: the w3all WPD WordPress plugin will not be completely active until your online web site isn’t linked to the w3all Dropbox App.
You can install and test it on a localhost server (also using http and not https, which is instead required for the online URL), while to completely work on your online https site, the URL of your https site need to be added/linked. Do not install the plugin into your online site until it has not been linked to the w3all Dropbox App. Will not work.
You’ll receive a confirmation email as your site has been added/linked.
If you still have not received the site addition confirmation email, please send your site addition request including the envato.com purchase details and your site https URL:

contact w3tasks.com