WP VTP by w3tasks:
Video Killed the WordPress Star

WP w3VTP (video to post): Video Killed the WordPress Star!

What this new plugin can do?

Two versions available: free and not free.
The non free version, will embed the ffmpeg installation on server, that allow you to convert video streams into an mp4 video.
MP4 is the unique format suitable for any existent device.
Users can add own video discussions on their personal pages.

Do you like to try out the Recorder and see it in action? It display only for registered users, so please register before. You can download, preview the video, accept to insert or not the recorded video stream, delete the media, also after his addition on Video Topic Widget. NOTE: this demo will not show you the VTP user’s profile features of this plugin. Any user, if allowed, can manage his own page, with his own video topics.

In one click you can record/remove/insert or download media.
Shortcodes for videos, to embed videos into any posts, page or where ever needed, not only listed on topics/widgets discussions.
Multiple widgets, for multiple audio/video discussions.

Play All, Play Reverse, Record and Delete media buttons are available directly on widget for fast actions: admins and editors can delete any media, while owners can delete their own media videos (that maybe make a sense!).

Any feature on request.

The free version, will produce only webm formats, that is suitable format for any modern browser that supports html5 and webm (which exclude Safari Ios until it will not implement .webm).

Any feature on request. This is just an example.
You need an exclusive stunning setup into your awesome site immediately? Maybe for Joomla! or some other CMS you use?
Get in touch here!
w3_VTP plugin AKA “Video Killed the Radio Star” plugin is available:
only Javascript, Php and Sql. Secure, easy, fast.
You do not need any external resource to record and display your videos into your awesome site: now you know why

Video Killed the WordPress Star!

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